Rick Lauro
Farrier & Hoof Care Service
Orange County, NY

Experienced Hoof Care for Your Horse

I bring lots of experience & expertise to every horse: I have 22+ years of experience and am certified with the American Farriers Association.

I not only shoe horses, I also trim lots of bare foot horses with my  "minimalistic" trim which works great for those horses going bare foot. 

I understand that your horses are important to you whether they are used  for show riding, trail riding, or even if they're just pets.

Most people want their horses to have great hooves, and so do I.
Since horses live most of their lives on their feet, good hoof care is important.
I trim hooves using the proven and reliable live sole plane method which results in perfectly balanced, natural hooves every time.

The live sole plane method is an extremely accurate and natural way to  trim horses hooves providing a guide for perfect balance and break over.

Also, using the white line as a guide, I  can shape your horses hooves the way they are meant to be. Since the  white line follows the shape of the coffin bone, shaping the outer hoof  wall around the white line results in a correctly shaped hoof.

When fitting shoes, I always provide plenty of heel support and place the break over right where it needs to be.

Using the above methods, I can give your horse correctly balanced &  shaped hooves every time. This translates to great hooves for your horse  and peace of mind for you.

I travel all over Orange County as well as to Dutchess, Putnam & Ulster Counties.

Backyard horses are always welcome. 

Phone 845-527-8119